Jersey Giants 4-5 April

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April 20, 2014 by Jane M

The first JG hatch of the year… so easy and straightforward and off to their homes a couple of days later. It was all over so quick it felt like it’d never happened!

24 eggs in the incy 14th March, 12 each from two different sources.

At 10 days the eggs were candled showing 9/12 and an incredible 12/12 as ok.

Of those 6/12 and 8/12 hatched, 14 in all in under 36 hours.

Chick just hatched in the incy, egg with external pip behind. The sponge in the photo helps the humidity.

Not a day old, the three JG colours – splash on the left, a shy blue chick bottom right and a black one to the right sharing the hatcher with a non-JG friend.

When they’re not sleeping they’re eating and drinking… Some of the last ones to hatch, black and blue.

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