Irene has 2 chicks : )

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April 28, 2014 by janem213

With chicks hatching in the incubator I wondered if Irene had hatched her 3 eggs. When I looked this morning there was one dead chick out of the
nest : ( and another Cheep Cheeping which didn’t sound very happy. I didn’t want to move her in case she crushed the chick/s/3rd egg but have spent the day wondering if I should have rescued it and put it in the incubator but then that would have defeated the object of seeing whether she could do this – most good broody breeds are great mothers but a few reject or even kill the chicks once they’ve hatched…

Lou and I looked this evening and there were 2 chicks under her : ) Well done Irene!

Photos as soon as I can….


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