Irene (hopefully) has 4 chicks!

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April 29, 2014 by janem213

Last night, very late, I put two more chicks from the incubator about a day old under Irene. (The idea is to let her keep just the ones that look like girls as it will be easier to find them homes when they’re older. )

It was nerve racking. Would she accept them or reject them and push them out of the nest or worse still attack and kill them? I checked back half an hour later and all looked ok, as best as I could see at a quick glance by the light of my phone… And this morning, the same. Not a glimpse of a chick but no dead ones that I could see either.

Later, I tried to take a photo. This is the best of several.

And yes, there are no chicks visible because she’s being a good mum!! Just as I changed position to take a few more she raised herself slightly and I caught a glimpse of a chick for a fraction of a second – but too late to take the photo, sorry.

Another update as soon as there is more news…


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