Photos of Irene and chicks

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April 29, 2014 by janem213

All 4 chicks are ok and seem to be doing really well : )

I didn’t want to get too close… Here is the setup: the brooder and run all inside the enclosure – apart from protecting them from magpies and other birds this also ensures the young chicks don’t go too far as they can get cold and die if they wander off.


And here’s a close up of her and some of the chicks…

It was brilliant watching them. Irene was showing them how to eat and scratch and interacting really well with them.

A bit later Lou came over. We went out to see them. Lou picked up Irene and underneath there were all 4 chicks, all looking really good : ) It looks like there are at least two girls though it’s hard to tell for sure…



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