Irene and chicks – More Jersey Giants 28-29 April

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May 14, 2014 by janem213

2 of Irene’s chicks went to their new home leaving two, which I hope are female. Those 2 are growing so quickly, under Irene’s careful gaze…

With chicks hatched in an incubator you ensure they’ve plenty of heat which you lessen week by week until they don’t need it when they’re fully feathered aged 6-8weeks. (They can go out sooner if the weather is warmer.) From an early age though Irene’s chicks are running around in all weathers!

They are also maturing so much quicker than chicks not under a broody. Irene, like any good mother, protects them and shows them what to do. Here she is showing them dried mealworms for the first time…

And here’s a short video of her having a dustbath and them having one too behind her…

They’re now just two and a half weeks old and already getting so big (bearing in mind she is a giant chicken)…

In the incy 6th April 2014

Candling at one week, of 24 eggs 21 looked good.

Including the 2 who hatched under Irene and 1 under Lou’s Molly 14 hatched in all…


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