Ducklings hatching this weekend…

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May 15, 2014 by janem213

This evening I stopped the eggs turning (removed the turning cradle) and put the humidity up to 68% (from 45%) and the temperature down to 37deg (from 37.5) ready for the hatch in 3+ days.

There are 13 Welsh Harlequin duck eggs and 2 of Lou and Carl’s ducks’ eggs which may be WH or WHxCall duck (will find out if they hatch)…all looking good so far.

The eggs are standing upright and round the edges of the incy. Most people have the eggs lying down but my feeling is that hatched ducklings (or chicks or others) may bang into them and put them off hatching, especially ducks who take so long to hatch…

3 of the WH eggs were cracked in the post. I used nail varnish to mend them. I’ve done that twice before but the eggs never developed. This time all 3 are progressing well. One of these eggs can be seen front left in the photo with the nail varnish on the right hand side of the egg – I suppose others might not have used bright pink nail varnish!!

Now the waiting game starts…


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