1pm. And another two! 9 in all

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May 18, 2014 by janem213

Another two have hatched, that’s 9 altogether!

Here’s a short video of the last 2 struggling out of their shells…

…and here are the first 7 drying off in the hatcher (the first 4 and below them the next 3 that had just been added in two groups. They’re now one happy group of 7)

That leaves 3 eggs at different stages of pre-hatching – 1 with an EP (external pip, as recent posts) which should hatch sometime; 1 with an IP (internal pip, has broken into air sac and is breathing but not yet made an EP), this one’s less likely; 1 which is still alive but hasn’t even IP’d yet. This is least likely but still possible.


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