3pm. 10th duckling


May 18, 2014 by janem213

The 10th duckling has hatched! It may well be that that’s all that do now… but 10 is great, all looking fit and well.

Sadly the 10th one died and so did one of the others who seemed perfectly healthy but when I checked on them he was just lying there. This is part of hatching – the joy… and the sadness. Worse, on very rare occassions I have had to dispatch them : ( – and me a vegetarian because I don’t like animals being killed!! – but I believe if you hatch then you also have the responsibility to deal with the harder things, and that includes ensuring they don’t suffer…


One thought on “3pm. 10th duckling

  1. Jenny says:

    Shame you have lost two, Jane, but I’m sure the others will be fine with lots of tlc. 😉

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