First hatch – JG + BO chickens – 30 May-2 June…

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June 14, 2014 by janem213

Two lots of different eggs – hatching at the same time! Not intended, bit of a lack of planning! Incubation periods of 21 days (chickens) and 30 days (geese) – if it had been ducks at 28, I would probably have realised immediately. So at exactly the same time both started to hatch…

The first night I was up every 2 hours, the second every 4 hours. On top of a very busy week (luckily this was the weekend) it was exhausting!

Firstly, more Jersey Giants and some Buff Orpington chickens… Here are the first four, two of each:
My favourite photo is this one… Talk about us and them!
Some (as you know) went under the Dorking but weirdly the rest went to their new homes as lots of JGs and 1BO…

…and lots of BOs and 1JG!!!

In the incy 10th May 2014

Candling at one week, of 28 eggs (all JG except 10 BO) 23 looked good (8 of them BO).

Prior to the hatch13 JG and 7 BO looked good…

9 JG and all 7 BO hatched : )


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