Second hatch – Embden geese – 31 May-1 June

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June 14, 2014 by janem213

More geese : )

This was my first hatch for Louise (not Lou my neighbour) …. she supplies the eggs, I incubate and hatch them, she has all the hatchlings for £2 each however many hatch – and I don’t have to worry about finding them all homes, which is always a concern but has always worked out. If eventually!

– – i.e., a “hatching service”. The £2 doesn’t begin to cover the lack of sleep, the stress* and amount of time and work a hatch demands but then I have never done it for the money, which is just as well as I never do more than break even, all costs considered.

*I say stress but there is plenty of anticipation, excitement and lots of other things that make up for any stress.

Here is the first one starting to hatch…
…and hatched!
Only 3 hatched out of 6 eggs that looked good prior to hatching, all very lovely, healthy, chunky goslings. Louise was delighted that they happened to be 2 girls and 1 boy, which is the perfect combination for her. The males have lighter colouring than the females.

Here are they are still drying off in the hatcher, not a day old…image
A bit older…
A bit older…(not long cleaned out and already poop everywhere!)
Under the electric hen…
And on to their new home at 6 and 7 days old…

I think goslings are my favourites, as I have said before – they are much more aware/sentient than ducklings or chicks, you can almost have a conversation with them. They feel totally different to ducklings which have bidies that are more solid and hard – goslings are lovely and squidgy!

Loiuse was very happy and by then her next eggs were in another incy, some very special ones that I have wanted to do since my first hatch – 6 beautiful peafowl eggs!

In the incy 1st May 2014

Candling at one week, of 10 eggs 7 looked good.

Down to 6 at the hatch…

Of these only 3 hatched..


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