2nd peachick hatched : )

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June 23, 2014 by janem213

The second peachick hatched, very vigourous but exhausted… like all chicks and ducklings when first hatched. Here it is a little later…
I had put the 2 ducklings back in with the other 5 to help the 2 peachicks bond with each other, though you wouldn’t think it was working from this photo!

Several hours later the white peachick (yellow) went in the brooder with 2 ducklings who will hopefully teach it to eat, I’ve been trying too – unlike chicks and ducklings peachicks don’t instinctively know how to eat and drink.

The blue chick (brown) will stay in the hatcher overnight until it is drier and stronger…

I do hope they will be ok. None of the other eggs pipped, they all died in the shell…… Peachicks sadly have high mortality rates at every stage.


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