7 ducklings : ) 1 peachick + hopefully at least another one…

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June 23, 2014 by janem213

Here are the first 4 ducklings, which were swiftly followed by another…..


….. then another two, making 7 : )

Meanwhile only 1 of the peachicks has hatched  : |  there’s another pipped but no further progress for some time… : (  The first one was hatched 9pm on 22nd, very lonely and very noisy; the last two ducklings were hatched the next day at 1am and 7am. Shortly after I put them in the hatcher with the peachick to dry off and keep it company…


…but hoping the second one will hatch ok. There were another 3 eggs that looked good prior to lockdown but none of them has pipped. Do hope at least one more will hatch… : )


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