Peachicks update

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June 27, 2014 by janem213

This is my favourite photo of the peachicks! Trying to get on their level to take a photo and the yellow one ran towards me and stopped.
They’ve been quite difficult. They have to be taught how to eat and drink, which was why the ducklings were in with them. That didn’t seem to work so here I am trying to entice the yellow one with a biro – they like shiny things.
Part of it is that they cannot see very well close to them (like turkeys apparently, who also don’t instinctively know how to eat and drink) so the food and drink have to be always in the same place.

They are possibly the most, er, boring birds I have hatched. Here are the ducklings which were hatched at the same time – running around so fast every photo is blurred, into everything and coming up to say hello…[they had not long been cleaned out and they had already splashed everything everywhere, they’re so messy!!]
…and here are the peachicks at the same time, just standing there…
So…a lot of effort overall. I’m glad I’ve done them once but not sure I’d ever want to do them again!


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