Call ducks × Welsh Harlequin 10-12 July 2014

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July 16, 2014 by janem213

I hatched some of Lou’s ducks’ eggs. She has 3 Welsh Harlequin girls and 1 boy, and the 2 Call ducks, the one they hatched who is called Cally (pronounced Call-E, not the most original of names) and Brownie one of my first hatch two years ago (also not a very original name, particularly as he turned out to be a beautifully marked adult mallard colour and so not just brown, though as a baby he was indeed brown with lovely yellow spots – I mention this for later).

It was not a brilliant hatch in terms of the number hatched and also produced my first hatchling with ‘special needs’…

Of 18 eggs 5 were removed 3 days before hatching. The remaining 13 all looked good but only 2 hatched, Thursday 10th, though they are lovely – one is golden brown all over, the other is golden (not dark) brown with mallard spots like his dad, Brownie 🙂
Two days later another hatched but all was not well – she only has one eye and limited or no sight in that one : ( but I have since found someone who has taken her and will give her the best home : ) I’ve hatched maybe 250++ birds now and this is the first one with ‘special needs’. Don’t know if it’s because Lou’s 3 ducks are getting on now but it’s not been a good hatch and I won’t be incubating any more of her eggs.

Here is the baby, the lavender or brown bibbed one – Cally (who is lavender bibbed) is the dad 🙂
Here they are when they left – the brown with spots on the right and baby in the middle, a lot smaller being 2 days younger.


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