Silkies (large fowl) 21-22 July 2014

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July 27, 2014 by janem213


Here is a photo of Lovey the lavender Araucana with her 3 chicks. They are all splash so will be a mix of white and blue feathers when full grown but at the moment look like they could be her own chicks and not just ones hatched from another chicken’s eggs…

That’s the good news… she was actually given 5 eggs but only hatched 3 chicks. 2 eggs she kicked out of the nest, which a chicken may do if she thinks they will not hatch. That’s still not the not so good news… There were 5 other eggs which I put under Irene. She hatched two but crushed and killed one chick and 2 of the eggs. There seemed little point in letting her have just 1 chick so Lou and I put her to bed with the other 3 chickens and her 1 chick and unhatched egg (at this point not expected to hatch) under Lovey. Sadly, she killed the chick (as sometimes happens). The last egg she pushed from the nest.

18 eggs in the incy 29th June.

At 15 days only 10 eggs were looking ok.

Day 17, 5 eggs were put under Lovey and 5 under Irene.

Approx 21-22 July 4 hatched though only 3 survived…


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