More Jersey Giants and other chickens 15 – 17 September 2014

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October 4, 2014 by janem213

Last hatch of the year (probably!) More Jersey Giants and other breeds of chicken – Plymouth Rock, Brahma, white Wyandotte and Light Sussex. Here are a couple of photos…


Just about to clean them out, just a couple of days old. Lots of lovely colours : )


…and just the Jersey Giants, immediately after being cleaned out. (Which you can probably tell!)

Frankie, one of Lou’s ckickens, with the 3 chicks she hatched…………

12 JG and 24 other eggs in the incys 24th August

Candling at one week, 7 + 3? JG and 12 +2? non-JG eggs ok, 6 non-JG already under one of Lou’s broodies.

Prior to the hatch 8 JG and 12 other looked good…

5 JG hatched and 12 others, 5 white or barred Plymouth Rock, 3 Light Sussex and 3 Brahma. 3 of the 6 broodies hatched, a Brahma, a Light Sussex and a Wyandotte.

15-17 September 9 JG and all 7 BO hatched : )


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