CPQ, Jap and Bob Quails, November 2014

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November 22, 2014 by janem213


From left to right: Japanese (Cortunix), Bobwhite and Chinese Painted Quail hatching eggs just before they went in the incys…



First to hatch – a silver CPQ, not much bigger than the egg it hatched from



One electric hen two different breeds of quail chick that can’t mix – Jap to the left and the tiny CPQ to the right, a cardboard divider between them. Note the size of the egg cups! Little stones are put in the water to (hopefully) stop them drowning. Fingers crossed I’ve not had any drown yet…


2014-11-10 08.45.53

Bobwhite quail chick still in the incy. They hatched a week after the CPQ and Jap.



Yesterday – CPQ at 2.5 weeks old feathering up nicely, the heads will be last to feather up. Silver one at the back, brown and white one to the left, the rest are all the wild brown colour.


2014-11-21 21.38.58

Yesterday – the 2 golden brown Japs at 2.5  weeks

The bobs at 1.5 weeks, on top of the electric hen instead of under when being cleaned out.


From a letter to mum and dad… these were drawn life size. The bobwhite really look like that!


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