More Quail – 3 different breeds

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November 22, 2014 by janem213

Previously I had hatched Japanese quail (cortunix), the breed most  commonly used for eggs and meat. They were the first hatch of 2013 and the last of 2014… Not sure what happened! The incys were all cleaned away and dismantled but then I saw some eggs advertised and thought I’d do some more…

I was particularly interested in Bobwhites which are ‘new world’ quail, coming from the Americas, as opposed to ‘old world’ from Japan and China, as in one particularly colour whch is very rare – snowflake. The usual ‘wild’ Northern colour is brown. I got some of them, some ‘Mexican orange’ eggs and snowflake ones – 2 unrelated lots of wach colour… Well that was the plan…

None of the Mexican or snowflake hatched, only 8 of one Northern lot and 1 of the other unrelated, i.e., 9 out of 54 eggs in all. 

At the same time I ordered some more Japanese from elsewhere. 24, as they had been demand for the last lot.

Of those only 2 made it : (  A very bad hatch rate…

78 eggs might have been enough (definitely enough!) but to my surprise when one lot of Bobwhite arrived the chap had included another 12 eggs for free – Chinese Painted quail. Help!!! So altogether, er, 90 eggs and at a funny time of year too……….

Chinese Painted quail are the smallest breed of quail. Of the 12 eggs, 7 hatched… a silver, brown and white and lots of brown.

Altogether then 18 quail chicks, in 3 different brooders on the dining room table. In Novemeber. Doesn’t everyone?!

I’ll post some photos soon……


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