Snowflake Bobwhite Quail, 4-5 December 2014

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December 6, 2014 by janem213

Baby snowflake quail…finally!


Previously I mentioned the bobwhite quail but not that I had tried to hatch 3 colours with eggs from 2 unrelated sources. Snowflake bobs are ultra rare with pairs going for £80 or more. I got 2 lots of snowflake eggs from different sources along with the other colours I was less interested in. None of the snowflake ones hatched. I had 0/12 and 1/9 before lockdown (last few days of incubation with very high humidity) but even that 1 didn’t hatch… Both sellers gave me more eggs. This time going into lockdown I had 2/12 and 2/10. Of these 1 hatched from one lot and both the other 2 of the other lot 🙂 However, the 1 of the one lot is not a snowflake but the wrong colour 😦 and the 2 snowflake ones are probably too closely related to be bred 😦 but they are lovely, as is the wrong coloured 1, who is dark brown with a white bib. I’ll add a photo shortly.

Sadly, the dark brown (technically, apparently, a tennesse red) died shortly after posting this…and then one of the snowies died…and the last snowy had a dodgy leg that was never going to be ok so I put it down : ( Altogether very sad. The first snowy had curly toes so was also not good so neither, even if they had lived, could have been bred from. The gene pool for snowies is so small, with all stock originating not so long ago from one breeder… not good genetically. I have no inclination to hatch any more even though someone else altogether has offered me some free eggs, but I won’t now take them up on their kind offer. Poor little inbred babies : ( ( (


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