…and the answer was??


February 8, 2015 by janem213

No one successfully guessed the question posed at the end of the early Nov post – what might be a natural progression from having chickens and ducks outside then quail in the front room…? What next??

Update: 14 March

Baby Gouldian finches in their nest

First one to fledge, dad behind

5 babies!

Adult Gouldian finch (not my photo)

Bourke’s parakeets and Star finches

Baby Bourkes hatching (3 plus 1 egg that didn’t hatch, 2 others infertile)

Baby Bourke from 1st clutch (1 out of 6 eggs) all grown up. He isn’t tame but landed on my hand by mistake!

The answer:
Have indoor birds…
– several pairs of finches: Gouldians and Stars
– a pair of Bourke’s parakeets (about the same size as budgies)


2 thoughts on “…and the answer was??

    • janem213 says:

      Hi Jenny 🙂 Not quite!! (Way past my bedtime. Proper reply soon. ) Your email address isnt working? Just tried to e-mail you… What’s your new one? Jane

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