Ayam Cemani (very rare) and Welsummer (not at all rare) chickens. 12-13 March 2015

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March 14, 2015 by janem213

Ayam Cemani are a rare breed originating from Indonesia that are totally black and still quite rare in the UK… unlike the Welsummer which is fairly common and known for it’s very dark eggs:


The E eggs are from English Ayam Cemani stock and the G from German lines, giving two unrelated groups of AC eggs.

These are the best of over 270 photos taken…


The AC chicks are so black it’s hard to take a good photo!


They’ve either just a blur…


…or too shy to show themselves!


Stripey Welsummers!

12 of each sort of eggs in the incy 18th February.

By day 17, 5 eggs removed leaving 8 Ayam Cemani and 11 Welsummer.

12-13 Mar 7 Ayam Cemani and 5 Welsummer hatched…


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