All 5 chickens laying again

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March 15, 2015 by janem213

All 5 chickens are finally laying again! The Dorking was the last, yesterday, 14th March – Peggy 31st January, Meggy 1st February, Irene 10th February and Lovey 19th February. Last year the Dorking’s eggs were white but this one had a definite pink tint, the middle one below:
…and around it from left to right – Peggy (Marans), Lovey (Araucana), Irene (Jersey Giant) and Meggy (Cream Legbar). The Dorking is such A One she doesn’t have a name. Her being the last to lay (by several weeks) is ‘par for the course’!!

The difference between the two blueish eggs?
Lovey’s eggs are blue and have a little shine; Meggy’s are slightly greeny and matte. Just occassionally they lay odd shaped eggs (only 1 this year out of 83 laid so far*). Lovey’s extra pointy egg on left, a usual egg from Meggy on the right:

* Dorking, you have a lot of catching up to do!!!!


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