Easter Chicks and Ducklings : ) 5-7 April 2015

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April 5, 2015 by janem213

Here are some Easter chicks and ducklings, hatched today!


A Light Sussex and a just hatching Rhode Island Red. Hatching the chicken eggs for Lou…


…and a surprise: a black duckling – they should be lovely yellow Welsh Harlequins but 2 have hatched out black : (Apparently there was a gap in the fence where the Cayuga ducks are (massive versions of Indy, the Black East Indie from my first ever hatch.) Looks like they will be black with white bibs.

24 supposedly Welsh Harlequin eggs in the incy 7th March.

By day 20, 9 eggs had been removed leaving 15.

Approx 5-7 April only 8 hatched – but two were black with white bibs (Cayuga×Welsh Harlequin) …

Also, a disappointing Jersey Giant hatch – a dodgy incy left just 2 possible eggs out of 20 looking ok just before lockdown (the last 3 days with higher humidity). Both though hatched fine : )

20 eggs in the incy 14th March.

By day 17, 5 only 2 eggs were left (borrowed some of eggs Lou was hatching and hatched them too, as above)

6th April both hatched…


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