More Welsh Harlequins 7-9 May 2015

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June 7, 2015 by janem213

More Welsh Harlequins…

An extra hatch for someone who wanted 14-15 but then didn’t bother turning up when he said he would… or let me know he wasn’t coming… or answer calls that evening or the next day… a total timewaster who had previously messed me around with goslings… (thankfully most people are fine)

…it then took ages to find people who wanted the 14. In the mean time the next hatch happened and the ducklings were gone within days while these 14 were still here getting bigger and bigger! They left about 2 weeks old…


One of the first to hatch peeking out from under the electric hen.


All 14, not a great photo as they’re all dashing about! 3 went first…


…leaving 11. Here are some them at 14 days old on the day they left. Like the last hatch they really enjoyed being on top of the electric hen rather than underneath!

24 eggs in the incy 9th April.

By day 24, 4 eggs removed leaving 20 like the previous hatch.

7-9 April 14 hatched…


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