The New Hatcher


June 7, 2015 by janem213

I now have 3 super accurate incubators that can take a max of 24 chicken eggs (4 rows of 6) but although they’re very accurate they aren’t good for the actual hatch as they’re so small. So I got a massive incubator (second hand) to use for the hatching. This isn’t my photo but shows the hatching tray at the bottom and the metal incubating trays above.


New it would be £500+, mine was a lot less but is 8 years old. (OK, I paid £200. Just as well this is my only real hobby!!) (and after one use the heating coil was broken and cost £40 to replace! Hopefully no more repairs will be needed in the near future.)

Mine also has a separate humidifier so the temperature and humidity are adjustable as required. Here is the spare room looking like a hatchling production line! The humidifier is the blue apparatus at the back to the right of the hatcher.


For the first hatch I put 8 JG eggs in the hatcher and left 8 in the incy. 7 of each 8 hatched : ) The hatcher was marginally better – it’s 8th egg had pipped but at the wrong end (not the hatcher’s fault) and didn’t hatch; the incy’s 8th egg did not even pip. And here’s the results:


1st chicks (last post)


1st duckling (next post)

Giant geese hatching soon – hopefully the hatcher will come into its own for them, will be lovely for the goslings to have proper room to hatch.

Also, with the size of the hatcher there would be the possibility of using it as an incy for giant sized eggs such as emu, rhea or ostrich : ) *If* I can find someone who will definitely have the hatchlings when very young I would like to hatch some emus, maybe next year (baby emus are huge and would quickly become unmanageable here). The other issue is the length of incubation – rheas take 35-40 days, ostriches 40-42 and emus 52-62, so it would be out if action as a hatcher for some time.


2 thoughts on “The New Hatcher

  1. Louise parry says:

    It’s all looking good.

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