Yet more Welsh Harlequins 11-14 May 2015

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June 7, 2015 by janem213

Not the best hatch… the eggs were in one of Lou’s incys and the day she was due to bring them over for the last 3 days of ‘lockdown’* she emailed me: “I have a duckling hatching and not a lot of room in incubator” Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!

*’Lockdown’ as many of you will know by following the blog, is the last 3 days of incubation, where the temperature is very slightly reduced and the humidity greatly increased.

With 19 eggs in the incy (way too many for the incy) I moved, as quickly as possible, 12 eggs to the hatcher leaving 7 in the incy. Sadly, the move did indeed compromise the hatch (alongside any other factors that I’m not aware of that might also have contributed) – only 6 of the 19 hatched, 3 in the hatcher and 3 in the incy.

The first duckling to hatch in the new hatcher (as last post)


With the two usual brooders full of other hatchlings I put the baby ducklings in the fish tank I’ve used for so many past hatches:


The 6 ducklings were collected soon after this photo


24 eggs in the incy 16th April.

By day 24, 5 eggs removed leaving 19.

11-14 May only 6 hatched…


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