5th Welsh Harlequin hatch 13-14 June 2015

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July 10, 2015 by janem213

Photos tomorrow….
[Now added]

This wasn’t a great hatch, probably down to where they hatched – the hatcher. I had a tray of WH eggs high up and giant geese eggs (next post) below. Firstly only 4 hatched but secondly 3 of them managed to climb out of the tray even though it had extra high sides and drop down to where the geese were trying to hatch. Really not the idea! Anyway… Here they are:

8 giant goose eggs underneath, the 11 WH eggs above… and the first duckling to drop down who I then put Fulvie with.

That first duckling hatching : )

More ducklings hatching. 4 hatched, of those 3 dropped down to the bottom of the hatcher. They were all fine but would need to further adapt the tray if did a double layer hatch again ….


Fulvie with the other 4 before he and Buddy were separated.

The 3… nothing quite as messy as ducklings!!

12 eggs in the incy 17th May.

By day 24, 11 eggs were still good.

13-14 June just 4 hatched, in the hatcher – not a great result …


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