Fulvous Whistling Duck(s) 13 June 2015

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July 10, 2015 by janem213

Photos tomorrow…. Sorry, lot going on at mo (see 1st post of 18th July!!!) Photos now added…

When hatching there’s always something else you fancy hatching that you haven’t before (well, so far)… and here’s just such one: Fulvous Whistling Ducks. These are wild in the US but here kept a ornamental ducks.

I got 12 eggs, at some expense, from someone who has a large number which meant it should be ok to breed them when old enough as they were unlikely to be related. Sadly this, my first attempt, was not a great success. Of 12 eggs only one hatched… and sadly Fulvie died about 3 weeks of age at his new home. [As I update this 18/7 – sorry again for the delay – the second Fulvous hatch is happening now and I already have 2 lovely ducklings and also 8 other eggs, 4 of them pipped so hopefully more ducklings soon]

Fulvie not long hatched

Fulvie in the hatcher – being the only one to hatch I put him with the Welsh Harlequins hatching at the same time (next post). This is the only time I’ve had a hatch with only one hatchling…. and thankfully I had these alongside so he wasn’t alone.

Fulvie and friends : )

… but sadly the WH doubled in size and kept trampling him and knocking him over. One of the WH though took him under his wing (sic) and (not that I would give them names, especially when they’re not here long, but I thought of him as Buddy) I separated them so had Fulvie had some peace. Buddy seemed happy with the arrangement too:

Fulvie and Buddy

12 eggs in the incy 17th May.

By day 14, 8 eggs had been removed leaving just 4.

13 June just 1 of the 4 hatched…


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