Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse geese 16-17 June 2015

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July 10, 2015 by janem213

Photos tomorrow
[Now added]

This is the second time I’ve hatched GEDT and they are without doubt among my most favourite hatchlings. Sadly, like the hatch in the previous post, hatching them in the hatcher gave a very poor hatch rate : (

I’d got 13 eggs from two different breeders. Only 3 (all from the same breeder hatched). They were lovely though and it was very sad to see them go… [[I am currently working on a way that next year I will be able to hatch out some of these and keep them myself. All being well there will be more posted about this soon – it’s  the same reason that I’m so behind with writing up all of these hatches.]] [Added 18/7]

Anyway…! Some photos:

The 8 geese eggs below and duck eggs above… and 2 trespassers, as last 2 posts

1st GEDT to hatch

In the brooder (a 4ft long indoor rabbit cage)

The day they left…. : (((((( They are my favourites, very sad to see them go. But next year, all being well, I will be able to hatch and keep some of these!! (See the post I keep referring to 18/7)

13 eggs in the incy 17th May.

By day 24 5 eggs had been removed leaving 8, 4 of each.

16-17 June 3 of them  hatched: …


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