Lovey and her chick

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July 10, 2015 by janem213

I’d put a load of chicken eggs which Lou ended up hatching, and so are not detailed here. But she didn’t hatch them all – Lovey the Araucana had gone broody and  so I slipped 2 Marans eggs under her. They were English Cuckoo Marans, like Peggy. I wouldn’t usually hatch this breed as it is autosexing – you can tell the gender of the Chick when they’re very young. Serious readers will then dispatch the males leaving them with all females : (

Lovey hatched 2 chicks but crushed 1 : ( and the other was fine. As it happened the one she’d crushed was male and the other was female… and here she is with that one:


Long story [[partly explained in next post]] I removed the chick the next day and put her with the others that had hatched in the incubator.

1 other female Marans hatched and here they both are in the brooder, Lovey’s chick with the other one (and Salmon Faverolles, Lavender Wyanadottes and white Jersey Giants)



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