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July 19, 2015 by janem213

If I had a dream it would be to have a smallholding – loads of land and loads of animals, and friends visiting often. But it can never be – aside from the huge cost that I couldn’t begin to afford I don’t really want to be living out in the middle of somewhere by myself… besides I love this house, where it is and the neighbours around. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…

A month ago to the day I had a meeting at the bank to discuss the possibility of a mortgage. When they had stopped laughing at my age(!) they did give me some figures to take away. I then rang the landlord and asked if he would consider selling. His answer was a definite No. I was gutted…

The next day I looked on ‘rightmove” and pulled up a map with a 5 mile radius of Wrexham and searched for cheap properties that were not surrounded by other properties. There was just one… And to my utter disbelief as well as the little 2 up 2 down semi there was attached to it an orchard and a small field : )

I visited it the next day, and again a couple of days later, this time with friends who could advise in terms of the house… and just as importantly the field! I also met the neighbours  who were lovely. I put an offer in the next day…………… and now one calendar month on the place is very nearly mine!! I am just waiting for the mortgage offer to be absolutely finalised and the solicitor to finish the rest of the searches. It has been unbelievably quick and now am soooooooo close. Really hoping that it’s all done as soon as possible and that it will finally be mine. The provisional completion date is Friday the 7th August. Here are some photos…

My first home


The little orchard. The photo makes it look a lot bigger than it really is. I’m hoping I can adapt this for my chickens and ducks.


Across the drive, a large area that goes back and back to…


…the field


A very happy Treacle…


…already at home!

It is all going to need a lot of work. I reckon the land will take me about two years to sort… and the house ten. The survey showed extensive damp and other problems which has all got to be sorted. That’s aside from  the need for modernisation throughout… but it will be worth it…

This is my dream, one that I thought could never be, to have somewhere in the country and a bit of land. Fingers very tightly crossed………


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