6th Welsh Harlequin hatch 10-11 July 2015

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August 1, 2015 by janem213

6th (and probably last) Welsh Harlequin hatch of the year…

This wasn’t a great hatch. Of 28 eggs only 5 ducklings eventually hatched. It could have been done to issues with the eggs or with the incubation of them. The latter is more likely.

5 lovely ducklings hatched and these were given to Paul and Simon who have been looking after my chickens and ducks and who wouldn’t take any money. When they came to collect the presents I gave them these 5 as well. Here are a couple of photos:


Just 2 and 3 days old


Sitting on instead of under the electric hen (like almost all ducklings this year!) This is a good photo to see the difference in colour of the male and females bills – the female has a pinky coloured bill while the male has an olive green one.

28 eggs in the incy 11th June.

By lockdown only 15 eggs were still good.

10-11 July 6 just 5 hatched.


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