More Fulvous Whistling Ducks! 17-19 July 2015

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August 1, 2015 by Jane M

This is the first hatch for me and the new house : )  Aside from my ‘pet’ chickens and ducks, which I am planning will leave in the orchard by the house, I am hoping to have other chickens, ducks, hatch and keep some Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse geese next year, maybe some ornamental pheasants like the Lady Amherst’s……. and these Fulvies. (Plus larger livestock too, not decoded what yet.)

Having had such a dire first hatch with just 1/12 hatching I got 16 eggs from two other sellers. 7 hatched – 2 of them silver ones! – but sadly one of the silver ones and one of the normal coloured ones died both about 2 days old : (

I now have 5 lovely ducklings in the spare room, getting bigger by the day. It feels very different from a usual hatch because these will be moving with me    : )

First ones to hatch…

The 2 silver ones still in the incy

About 5 or 6 days old

Earlier today, aged about 2 weeks

16 eggs in the incy 21st June.

By lockdown, 10 eggs were still good.

17-19 July 7 had hatched.

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