August 16, 2015 by Jane M

It took a good, quick (though not without it’s moments) 6 weeks and 6 days to buy the house – from the first time I viewed it… til getting the keys in my hand!

Friday 7th August… My birthday was the next day though I don’t usually treat myself to a £172,000 present! And 13 year mortgage!!!

The house needs so much work… The Friday afternoon and evening Jan and I ripped out the kitchen, built in cupboards, bathroom bits etc. The following day the plaster started to come off in preparation for the damp proof course and other works. I’ve been there to 11pm most nights and back at 8am in the morning, sometimes earlier, around work. Luckily I have a job that’s Not At All Stressful. Not!!

Today is the first proper break I’ve had and chance to do this. Here’s a taste of the progress, what’s happened so far in the kitchen…


Before I moved in…


End of the first night after I removed the kitchen units …


After the plaster had come off up to a metre all way round…


Cement levelling the floor by the back door and elsewhere…


After the damp proof course and the asphalting of the floor had been done…

It feels like so much work and hassle but I’m very lucky to have the help of friends, most especially David and Philip, without whom I’d be nowhere – the plasterer kept messing me around then cancelled, still not got a replacement one;the kitchen and bathroom chap has cancelled; the person who was doing a fence up the side of the house has now cancelled as he’s ill. ..and it goes on. Before this started I had a planned schedule of works with everything (ish) in place and now it’s mostly going to pot. Help! I move on the 9th September. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!!

But all those times I think Why am I doing this?!!!! all I have to do is look outside : )  With the help of Andrew and Lou and others the orchard and field are taking shape; I’ve met my lovely neighbours Julie and Pete who have been brilliant and the farmers next door Steve and Lyn who are putting their cows on the field tomorrow. Cue more photos of Treacle. She too looks happier outside!!!




Even when alongside the work happening!  :


One thought on “GOT THE HOUSE!!!!

  1. Jenny says:

    That is wonderful and so nice to see the photos of the progress – although it probably doesn’t feel much like progress yet!
    In the fifth photo, who has been buried with just one hand desperately clawing to get out? 😉

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