October 8, 2015 by janem213

After 4 attempts over several weeks the broadband was finally sorted. Hurrah! No excuse to not update the blog…

Hatching-wise there have been a few hatches, some of which were compromised by the short journey here from the other house and didn’t hatch at all… and 1 of the best duck hatches for whom the trip didn’t seem to have been a problem.

House-wise we (me, dog and cats) moved in one month ago, initially living in 2 rooms, and now all the house is basically done though there’s odd bits still to do. Mum and Dad came last Thursday and the work continued until they arrived, working late into the night wallpapering etc. but now I’m having a rest from it. It may be days, weeks or even months before I do any more. For now, after 8 weeks of graft, I’m having a rest. Time to enjoy being in the house and it being my home : )

Chickens and ducks-wise… they were all ‘on holiday’ before the move, which made things easier. The Fulvous ducklings, down to 4 before the move, were very happy in the enclosure and beginning to flly. .. at which point Paul and Simon had them and I had the chickens back. They’re still not laying after 2 weeks. Wonder if there’ll  be any eggs before next year…..

Here are the Fulvous before they left…


…and the chickens. Looking forward to the orchard fencing being finished so they can be out of the enclosure and so the ducks can finally come to their new home : ) There are only 4 now – sadly Lovey the Araucana had a stroke while away and died : (


*Fawley Towers, Basil fixing the moose head on the wall


One thought on “It’s DONE, DONE, DONE!*

  1. Jenny says:

    Brilliant. You have done amazingly well, getting all that done so quickly. 🙂

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