7th Welsh Harlequin hatch 19-22 September 2015

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October 11, 2015 by janem213

First hatch in the house, yet more Welsh harlequins. 9 in all, 3 of which I’ve kept for myself here in my new home : )


One of the first to hatch..not the plan!) – and no, I didn’t name them!.


Some of the 9, a few already sitting on the electric hen. How do they all know to do that?!


The oldest 6 as they were leaving (that was a clean puppy pad when the first one went in!)


My 3 – Jenny on the left, Jacky in the middle and Jilly on the right ( so I think now that Jacky and Jilly are both boys, not the plan!) – and no, I didn’t name them!


Nearly 3 weeks old and enjoying a splash in the new sink!

24 eggs arrived through the post from two different sellers, 12 perfect eggs and… a mess : ( 4 eggs of the other lot broken and 1 egg that had started to develop (and would now be dead). The seller gave me a part refund, though not their fault that special delivery wasn’t as ‘special’ as it should have been. I then managed to break another egg – aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!!

So… only 12+6 eggs in the incy instead of 24

By day 25, 1 of the 12 and 0 of the 6 had been removed.

18-22 September 9 hatched, 3 of the 11 and incredibly all 6 of the 6 (very unusual)


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