Jenny the Miracle Duckling


October 13, 2015 by janem213

When these ducklings were still only a few days old all 9 were in the 3 foot brooder before being transferred to the 4 foot one. I came in early that morning and was very sad to see one had died. From a very young age ducklings splash water everywhere and these had splashed so much water the puppy pad I’d used was soaked. Lying on the cold, wet puppy pad away from the electric hen was the, poor little duckling : ( I picked it up and as I did there was the tiniest twitch of a foot! I ran downstairs to the kitchen sink – the day before I’d finally got hot water – and ran warm water over it’s body. Slowly it came back to life. It was amazing! : )))

I brought down another duckling and together they splashed about in the warm water for some time. I then dried them thoroughly and put them in the 3 foot brooder by themselves with another one. The other 6 went in the four foot brooder. Here are Jenny and the other 2:


She is the one in the middle. I didn’t know if she would make it, she would sit down a lot more than the others and was obviously not 100%, but the next day she was running around as well as the other 2! My neighbour Julie called her Jenny (not my choice Jenny!!) and the other 2 Jack and Jill (which I immediately turned into Jacky and Jilly.)


Jenny; is on the left… These are not the best WH I’ve ever had (the difference in bill colour should be quite clear – see the post for the 6th hatch) but my best guess was Jenny was female and the other 2 were male and female.I now think they’re 2 boys – when they protest when they’re picked up only Jenny sounds like a girl. Oops… Will need more girls!

Here they are about 2 weeks old splashing in the kitchen sink where she came back to life:


And here they are yesterday at 3 weeks old, Jenny at the back:


They’re huge now…. (at the back again)



2 thoughts on “Jenny the Miracle Duckling

  1. Jenny says:

    Nevertheless. as anyone can see, Jenny is easily the best looking and most intelligen of the three. 😉

    • janem213 says:

      Jenny is indeed very special. I couldn’t have let her go with the 6 just in case she was comprised long term (or short) (though she seems to be fine) but given what happened I wouldn’t anyway – she has a forever home here : )

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