Jacky and Jilly

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October 14, 2015 by janem213

Julie next door named the 2 other ducklings, Jenny (see previous post) on the left with Jacky in the middle (male, very dark bill) and Jilly (hoped female, bill not as dark as Jacky’s, but think now probably male)


They very quickly became Jacky and Jilly rather than Jack and Jill…

Yesterday I was exploring the old shed on the field that is full of what I desperately want to call Treasure but is 99.9% rubbish. For example, this ‘New’ Baby Belling!


And there, on the left in this photo, though you can’t see it…. all covered in dirt was a little saucer.


When I cleaned it up this is what was on it!!! Photoed with the 2 in question! From now on it will have pride of place with other nick nacks here.


Maybe not quite 99.9% rubbish after all!


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