Ayam Cemani 23-24 October 2015

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November 22, 2015 by janem213

At this time of the year there are few eggs available or sold but I found some Ayam Cemani eggs (rare all black chickens – totally black, even the inside of their mouths). This was my 51st (succesful) hatch, the 22nd of this year and my second hatch of this year – I first hatched them right at the beginning of the year, 2nd hatch in March…

I got two lots of eggs from different sources of reasonably priced (they can be very expensive). Having eggs from different sources meant I’ll eventually have unrelated pairs of birds – except that only 3/6 and 1/6 hatched … and then I forgot which the 1 was!!! (I’ve since got more eggs from 2 more sources, so eventually I’ll have unrelated pairs – currently in the incubators I have more of the same eggs after not-a-brilliant-fir


st-hatch for FOUR different breeds!)

Here’s one of them, just day old. Note the partly grouted tiles behind (still not finished) and the unfortunate angle of my poor hand which looks like I shut it in the door!

Some of the Ayam Cemani to the left and others from the hatch in the next post to the right, a few days old:


12 eggs in the incy, 2 lots of 6 eggs from different sources

By day 11 1 of each group of 6 had been removed leaving 10

23-24 October 4 hatched (3 of one group and just 1 of the other)


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