Hatch no 50!!! Chinese Painted Quail 19-22 October 2015

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November 22, 2015 by janem213

My 50th ever hatch (and 21st of this year)!!! How time flies…!

I’ve hatched these before – Chinese Painted Quail, the smallest type of quail. Pretty sure I said I’d never do them again because they’re so skittish. Also the ones I’d hatched before were all the normal wild colours, brown, and mostly male…

This time I got the eggs from two sources which both looked like they would have a good selection of colours. 18 from one and 12 from another. Effectively 1 out of 6 for each hatched – 3 of the 18 and 2 of the 12, but one of the 3 died at a couple of days old leaving me with just 4 impossibly tiny quail, all different colours buzzing around like little bumble bees. Here’s one a couple of days old, so tiny:


And here are the 4 at 2.5 weeks old. 4 different colours, the two lightest from one source and the to darkest from the other:


Note the pebbles in the water to reduce of them drowning when very young.

30 eggs in the incy (18+2)

All left in til the hatch as (some say) they don’t like to be candled

19-22 October 5 hatched but 1 died a couple of days old…


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