Large Fowl for me! 24-25 October 2015

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November 22, 2015 by janem213

Forgive the For Me! but it’s true… now I am in the wonderful position of having a bit of land I can hatch to populate it! I’ve kept 3 of the last WH hatch, see earlier posts, and now these…

My laying chickens (currently my *non* laying chickens!) will be 2 years old next summer. As chickens get older so they lay less… so I want to introduce new chickens which I think will be good breeds to have in terms of temperament, high egg laying rate and looks. I found 3 breeds (with so few available now): Silver laced Wyandotte, silver laced being the most common and arguably prettiest colour; Barred Plymouth Rock, which have barring (stripes) on each feather, again the most common colour; Chocolate Orpingtons, aka dark brown, a marketing ploy like calling liver coloured Labradors ‘Chocolate’ (Sorry Treacle, but it’s true!)

I got 6 eggs of each, the aim to have one female of each to keep, grow on and eventually integrate with the flock. I had a number of Plymouth Rocks to choose from (females have a larger white spot on their heads) and 2 silver laced Wyandottes, one of which was more likely to be female judging by its feathers (a not fool proof method with some breeds giving me 80%+ accuracy.) The last photo shows them both looking like girls and doing well : )  Sadly not one of the Orpingtons hatched.*

My 2 girls with the Ayam Cemani of the last post, all just a few days old. Wyandotte in the middle and Plymouth Rock to the right:


Here they are 4 weeks old and definitely looking like girls. Their feathers are developing very nicely. Wyandotte on the left and Plymouth Rock on the right:


18 eggs in the incy – 6 Chocolate  Orpingtons, 6 Plymouth Barred Rock and 6 Silver Laced Wyandottes.

By day 11 that had become 3, 5 and 6, all still looking good

24-25 October only 0, 5 and 2. Very disappointed by the Orpingtons… 1 of the 5 PR  hatched 24 hours after all the rest and did not thrive. It died 3 or 4 days of age…


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