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November 22, 2015 by janem213

Over the past few years I have had good hatches and terrible ones, though thankfully never with just one hatching. I always try and have a large number of eggs (and from different sources), or at least hatch several together – I’ve lost count the number of times people have contacted me saying “Have you got any spare ducklings? We’ve only had one hatch”…

Not mentioned though are the occassional hatches where not a single egg hatches : (  but better than just one.

Looking through my records 2012-2014 just now I can’t find any non-hatches, I don’t think there were any. I got 12 Croad Langshan for Lou, posted from Northern Ireland*, all 12 were clear. Was it really just those? This year has been different:

Brahmas (due to hatch August), a present for Paul and Simon to thank them for the help 0% (it’s the thought that counts?!)
Guinea fowl (September) supposed to be for me, but I moved house during the hatch which might have affected them – 6 had been fertile.
Muscovy ducks (September) for me at same time – all 12 developing well before moving them, then only 5 ppssible before lockdown then none hatched.
Guinea fowl again (October), all 12 clear – late in the season and the boys not doing their job? or perfectly good eggs that had a terrible journey through the post? Will never know…
6  Crollwitzer ornamental turkeys (November). They’re still in the incy but patently all clear. They came from Northern Ireland*

There are 3 periods of potential harm for the eggs – before they’re sent, their journey here and they time under my care. e.g., a power cut resulting in failure of the incubator or a contaminated incubator.

My favourite(?) non-hatch though is this one….
After the success of hatching some Lady Amherst”s pheasants for Paul and Simon I got some more eggs for me (due to hatch September). I was out but my parents were in to receive the eggs. They never heard the postman call but when they saw the note of missed delivery went out and saw him and asked him for them. He said it was too late, the eggs were now back in the van parked some distance away. The next day I went to the post office to collect them and to my utter disbelief the woman took the packet very clearly marked all the way around with fragile in large red letters, tripped and dropped it on the floor. She gave a little laugh as she picked it up and then handed it to me. I said there were eggs inside, live hatching eggs, but she didn’t know what to say. An apology would have been nice! Not exactly the Special Delivery I had in mind when I paid extra for SD!!! Whether due to their appaling handling or whether or not the eggs were ever fertile, none of them hatched…

…when I contacted the seller he said he would send me more for free next season. Nice chap : ) Others, like the turkey eggs man, don’t even bother responding. Really must remove their eggs – they were due to hatch on the 25th!! Here they are with minature chicken eggs and minature quail eggs:


*Hatching eggs from Northern Ireland with the longer and more, erm interesting, journey is not necessarily the best idea even paying for special delivery


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