Jersey Giants for me! 14-15 November 2015

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December 31, 2015 by janem213

Finally in a position to hatch Jersey Giants, arguably my favourite breed (and the chicken breed I’ve hatched most), for myself : )  though at a time with few eggs available.

Jersey Giants are the largest breed of chicken in the world, the males reaching 13 lbs on average and the females 10 lbs. They come in 3 main main colours: black, blue and splash, which is white with blue feathers here and there and is my favourite. There is also white but it is bred separately.

Black x blue gives 50% of each colour. Blue x splash gives 50% of each. Black x splash gives all blue. Blue x blue gives 50% blue, 25% black and 25% splash. Black x black gives all black. Splash x splash gives all splash. If you have read my earliest posts you will read this already… but its important to bear in mind – what colour cock and hens do I want which should produce which colour.offspring?  It all worked nicely (eventually) but not so great at first…

I got 12 splash eggs and 6 black from one source, and 6 blue from elsewhere from some who I’ve had eggs before that produced high quality chicks. I would have had more than six from the latter but it was the end of the season and that was all they had.

The splash eggs were very disappointing with 10 of the 12 clear at 7 days (as below) but I ended up with 3 blue and 1 black – 1 lovely blue boy, a black girl and 2 blue girls. The plan was to keep a blue boy and (hopefully black and splash girls to eventually provide a variety of the 3 colours) but no other blues. The 2 blue girls I’m growing on until the spring when my dentist is having them (!)

I contacted the first breeder and got 12 more splash eggs – he gave me 6 black ones for free. They’ve done really well – see 3 or so hatches later. I have my breeding group sorted  : )

My worst ever photo but only one I have of the chicks very young

The 3 blue and 1 black to the right at 4-5days old. A 5 week old Serama to the left… See the post “little & G-I-A-N-T Chicks”

3 weeks old… still indoors

6 weeks old, now in a (heated) shed. My future cock is at the back on the left, one of his future hens is the black one front right and the other two, both girls, are going to Stuart and family…

24 October 12 splash, 6 black and 6 blue eggs on the incy

At 7 days 2/12 splash possible, 3 of the black and 4 of the blue.

14-15 November just 4 hatched, 3 blue and 1 black.


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