Seramas, the world’s smallest chickens 5-6 November 2015

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December 31, 2015 by janem213

More Seramas, I hatched some previously in July 2013. Seramas are the smallest breed of chicken in the world, originating from Malaysia where they are often kept indoors as pets…

As always, I tried to have chicks from two totally different sources to end up with a good mix of chicks as opposed to chicks potentially closely related … but this time it didn’t quite go to plan:

14th October 21 eggs in the incy, 1 lot of 12 eggs and 1 of 9 from somewhere else.

By day 13, 8 of the 9 looking good… but only 4 of the 12…

… and of these 6 hatched of the 8 (originally 9) and disappointingly just 1 of the 4 (12), 5th-6th November.

A few photos:


Missy the kitten inspecting the just hatched and hatching chicks (very briefly and very supervised – this is the only time she has been in the room with chicks etc or the incys.)


1 and 2 days old


About 10 days old already showing their characteristic almost vertical wings and their different colours.


About 17 days old. I have scattered a lot of their food about for them to have a bit of time to scratch about and play in it before cleaning them out. Again.


1 month old and one boy very developed for his age. I called him, not very originally, Cocky. There were 2 other boys in the group, the one to his right and the dark brown.


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