More Ayam Cemani 12-14 December 2015

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January 1, 2016 by janem213

I decided to hatch some more Ayam Cemani. (Was the plan, there’s always a plan. Which doesn’t always work out…) 12 eggs from breeder and 6 from another. Lou was to hatch the 12 and me the 6 alongside some Jersey Giant eggs (next post).  The 12 were the dirtiest eggs I have ever seen, half of them caked in mud and you know what  : ( None of the very dirty eggs hatched but Lou managed to hatch 4, all cleaner ones. Of the six, which had no such excise, only two hatch. Overall we both hatched the same percentage!

The first hatched with the first few JGs:


Ayam Cemani chicks mixed with Jersey Giant chicks, above and below…


All 5 AC left at about a week old. Here’s a JG stealing the lime light:


“You looking at me??!”
No Sonny, not til the next post!

6 eggs in the incy 21 November

5 eggs still good just before lockdown (last few days before the hatch when humidity is significantly upped and temperature slightly lowered, as other posts)

2 chicks hatched 12-14 December and joined the hatching Jersey Giant chicks. Sadly one of the 2 did not thrive, as sometimes happens, and died a few days old.


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