More Jersey Giants for me! 13-15 December 2015

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January 1, 2016 by janem213

With the previous Jersey giant hatch not quite going to plan, when I’d obtained three different groups of totally unrelated eggs including a lot of blue splash ones, my favourite, I decided to hatch some more. I contacted the breeder who I had got the 12 splash eggs from which had been so disappointing last time and got another 12 –  he gave me 6 black for free. I knew by this point I was keeping the blue cock from the last JG hatch and therefore any splash or black hens hatched would be totally unrelated to him. I just needed the hatch to go well… It went amazingly!

11 of the 12 splash eggs hatched!! Only 2 of the 6 black ones but one of the black looked female, I wasn’t sure about the other and with that many splash there were likely to be lots of girls 🙂


Black JG on the right, lots of splash and a black Ayam Cemani (see last post) a few days old


The ones I’m keeping which I think and hope are all girls aged about 2 weeks. The light coloured splash looking a little anti the black one. Does she know she’s different?!


That’s a bit better!! They’re still looking at her funny! This is not even a day later yet they look even older, they age so quickly…

18 eggs in the incy 21 November, 12 splash and 6 black

I couldn’t tell which eggs were which colour but just prior to lockdown 14 looked good and of these:

13 chicks hatched in all, 13-15 December, 2 black and the rest splash


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