All change!

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January 27, 2016 by janem213

A couple of weeks ago I had 13 different groups of birds inside the house, the shed and outside – 52 birds in all… I now have just 5 groups, 25 birds:
My 4 pet chickens
My future 2 pet chickens that with 4 Ayam Cemani chickens who probably won’t be here long
4 Jersey Giant pullets in the shed and waiting to come outside. The one I hoped was a boy has turned out to be a girl …
6 younger Jersey Giants still in the kitchen waiting to go out to the semi heated shed who were all supposed to be girls but some 1of them have turned out to be boys. Oops!
5 Welsh Harlequin ducks now on the field

There were also:
7 Serama chickens in 3 groups
17 Chinese Painted Quail in 3 groups
3 ducks
& the 2 hybrid hens now gone to Stuart and family (who were going to have two of the older Jersey Giants but now the younger ones are all challenged on the being -female front I have kept all 4 older ones and giving them these instead)

The orchard is still not fox proofed and so my ducks are still away on holiday but will hopefully be here soon… Sad news the other day: Bonnie son of Lucky and Indy died. So only 4 will be coming – Charlie, Snowy, Baby the runt Welsh Harlequin and Clyde,  Bonnie’s brother.

It takes hardly any time now in the mornings sorting everyone. Soon enough I will be hatching again (nothing in season that I fancy hatching at the moment) but for now I am nearly there in terms of my breeding groups of Jersey Giant chickens and Welsh Harlequin ducks, which will be on the field, and my pet chickens and ducks, which will be behind the house in the orchard.


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