Happy ducks in their new home!


January 28, 2016 by janem213

With the orchard still not finished the poor chickens were still in the enclosure and not very happy… the 3 ducklings – Jenny, Jack and Jill – were in a smaller run which was fine when they were little but far too small when they grew… : (

– so  I got them a huge home to go on the top of the field that arrived in kit form. I worked before and after work on it and into the night. It took days but was finally finished – 6m × 6m. Here it is:


It was ‘interesting’ putting up the frame by myself!


Jan helped me make a sheet of 10 x 6m lengths of 3′ wide mesh (please excuse mixture of units but 3′ sounds better than 90cm). Don’t think I could have got it over the top of the frame by myself, It was really heavy and took some doing, both of us being compromised in the musculo-skeletal department! I then cable-tied it to the frame until it was too dark to see anymore…. Not many photos of that!

With all the rain the field was already waterlogged (it’s clay and hardly drains at all) and it quickly became like Glastonbury! I tried to keep it as good as possible inside, though the ducks will have a field day (unintended pun!) and it won’t stay like this for long!


Here I am working in torrential rain kneeling on a mat that the liquid mud is coming onto. It was foul…


As well as the foot wide ‘skirt’ of mesh that I pulled under the frame, I bought more 3′ mesh and cut 8m sections to lie flat on the ground and cable tied to the existing skirt just below above. This was pegged into the ground and mini slabs stones but on top all the way around. (These are from the inside of the storage heaters that were in the house and are extremely heavy.)


Finally finished it and put the ducks on late at night ready for release  in the morning. Note the temporary hard standing on the left where there water will go. If their water container was put on the ground it would turn into a mud bath even quicker! Their house is a plastic dog kennel I paid £10 for with a door I made from an old cupboard door.


Opened the door, phone at the ready to capture the moment and… they didn’t come out! I moved away and then…


…out they came! The girls first (Jenny and 2 new girls that were Lou’s) followed by Jack and Jill, who should probably be renamed Gil!


They ran around flapping their wings and exploring their new home.


This is dawn the following day, very happy, contented ducks.


2 thoughts on “Happy ducks in their new home!

  1. Jenny says:

    They look very happy and settles and you deserve a medal! 🙂

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