2 unhappy hens… become happy hens : )

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February 10, 2016 by janem213

Back in October? /about then I had the offer of 2 “top laying” hybrid hens from someone who was emigrating and had them for sale – I was there looking at a second hand coop. Here they are, left and at the back:


“They lay an egg a day.” At the time I thought the orchard would be finished (it still isn’t). They went from being totally free range to being in a run, which was only supposed to be a temporary arrangement. After a week or so you hope that hens that have been  moved will start laying again. I had 1 broken egg straight away… and then nothing. Poor hens…

If you have a good memory you’ll remember I had offered Stuart and family 2 Jersey Giant hens but then a younger group of JGs turned out to contain several boys… so, needing to keep all the girls I could, I offered them these 2 instead. Here they are in their supposedly temporary run that had to be moved every couple of days for them to have fresh ground.


A week or so ago I took them and the run and a coop to Stuart’s. We set them up alongside the large run he had built for his existing chickens (2 bantams and an ex battery hen). They couldn’t believe the lovely and ample fresh grass when they came out of the coop and tucked in. Even within a few days they had nearly eaten all the grass, as you can see in this photo from Stuart, showing them and the run behind.


After a week of them being alongside the run in sight of the other chickens Stuart put them in the other chickens’ coop at nighttime. All 5 settled very well together – and now one of the two has started laying! They are so much happier and I’m happier knowing they’ve got such a lovely home with lots of space. (As I say, the orchard is still not finished but hopefully will be within the week, one last bit to do. My 4 chickens are the only ones in there but at least have the big enclosure.  Not long now girls …)

These 2 are so happy now – thank you Stuart and family!


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