Oh Boy!!!!

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February 26, 2016 by janem213

I currently have 4 Ayam Cemani (the all black chickens) in a coop and run outside the back door with my two large fowl girls that I’ve hatched and grown to join my girls. (See post dated 22nd November 2015.)

There’s 3 Ayam Ceman hens and 1 cockerel (i.e., young cock) who has been finding his voice for 3 weeks or so. He’s not yet that loud, it’s a sort of odd strangled sound, and have spoken to my neighbours who say they can hardly hear him. He will be on the field with his girls as soon as the chain link enclosure is finished.
The past week he started making another cock-a-doodle noise which was a bit weird – – and then a couple of days ago to my great disappointment I realised it had to be another bird. Sure enough I let them out and watched… and waited… and the silver laced Wyandotte did a cock-a-doodley-do : (((
Yes, he does look like a boy now  (denial is such a wonderful thing!)

I’ve now given him to Paul and Simon who did the orchard and are shortly starring work on the chain link enclosure. (More on that soon.)


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